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Industry trends

The Transparent LED Screen Industry Will Increase Fast In The Next Few Years

With the maturity and cost reduction of the LED display industry, the transparent LED screen is constantly occupying the media industry. According to the predict data, Until 2025, the market value of the transparent LED screen is about 87.2 billion. The transparent LED screen will have a considerable increase in the future.

In recent years, due to the totally new display style, light & thin appearance and high-end technology, the transparent LED screen gained a good market share in the city construction. As a segment market in the LED screen industry, the transparent screen can bring you a new visual experience. This kind of LED screen not only increased the product classifications and display style, but it also provides more choices for customers. With the rapid development of LED screen industry, the quantity demanded of the transparent LED screen is constantly increasing. Nowadays, the transparent LED screen had mainly spread to the retail and construction area, and become a new development direction of new media.

Retail Field

The Internet of things, the big data and the AI will be the guide of the second half of the Internet, and then this will lead to a digital revolution of traditional industry. At the same time, the new retail will boom. The digital signage, which is the representative of retail, will rapidly spread. The transparent LED screen will be widely used in the commercial shop window, decorate, and glass wall.

Construction Glass Wall Field

The transparent LED screens, used in a construction glass wall, often futures a transparency rate of 70%-95%, which can be easily installed behind a glass window, even instead of the glass. This kind of LED screen almost never influences the light. With the easy installation and maintenance, the new generation of the transparent LED display technology can be used for both flat and curved surfaces.

All in all, the transparent LED screen is encountering the best opportunity! Whether it is the technical development of transparent screens or the related industry's recognition and acceptance degree of transparent screens, in line with the national environment of scientific and technological innovation. It is an excellent opportunity.


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